Knowledge of Self is an anthology of wisdom from the Five Percent.

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Voluntary and Involuntary “Immigrants”

[embedded content] In another uncut scene from the life of Dr. Supreme Understanding, the good doctor shares his thoughts on the struggles of voluntary immigrants who lose their ethnic identity to “fit in” and those of “involuntary” minorities (Black people, Native...

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Knowledge of Self

A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Looking for a deeper understanding of self, now that you’ve started getting your life on track? Knowledge of Self is an anthology of wisdom from the Five Percent.
It explores a wide array of issues like religion, poverty, justice, identity, race, gender, knowledge of self, the science of everything in life, and even what happens after we die! If you’re looking for an introduction to the science of yourself, this is it. This book includes contribution from Five Percenters from around the world and across every sphere of life, including celebrities like Wu Tang Clan’s Cappadonna and Popa Wu, as well as Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar, who provides the foreword for this text. (Reader Level: Anybody Can Get It)

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“SUPERB!!! Great book!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!! I wish I would of read this many years before now. Pass this one to your kids early.”

Amazon Customer

“This book is both a fundamental and phenomenal resource for all Original People. So blessed to have read and absorbed the various perspectives presented in this” work. Share the wealth…buy one for yourself and for someone you love!”


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