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Wasp Venom: The Miracle Cure

I want to share some exciting news with you. Scientists have now discovered that Brazilian wasp venom kills cancer cells, but not healthy cells.  The article explains:The wasp responsible for producing this toxin is the Polybia...

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What are Witch Doctors? – Witch Doctors and Ancient Treatments

Witch Doctors and Ancient Treatments
“Witch Doctor” is a white people word for indigenous medicine men, shamans, and healers. Because early European missionaries and anthropologists associated their incantations and ceremonies with “witchcraft,” they didn’t see them as true doctors or healers, but as “witch” doctors. Ironically – as we’ve demonstrated above – the practices of indigenous medicine circa 3000 BC were more effective than the practices of European medicine circa 1500 AD.

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The Theft of Traditional Knowledge

The Theft of Traditional Knowledge In the Hood Health Handbook, we talk about how all the “herbal remedies” our ancestors developed are now being appropriated by the Western world for profit: For thousands of years Indian...

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Black People Invented Agriculture

“The unusual size and flavor of African fruits were not the result of accident but of labored perseverance and skill.” – Drusilla Dunjee Houston

While it was once thought that the development of agriculture is what led to the development of settled communities who developed all the industries we associate with urban civilization, we now know that settlement preceded agriculture. That is, agriculture was developed to meet the needs of a growing population of settled people so large they couldn’t possibly thrive off foraging for food alone.

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