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Black People Invented Writing

Black People Invented WritingWe tend to think that there’s some deep difference between the letters of the English alphabet, the characters of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the “crude” picture-writing you find on ancient...

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Black People Invented Animals – Really!

Eugenics is the science of using selective breeding to produce a desired population (or to eliminate an undesirable one). It was adopted by Hitler during the Nazi era, and by a few other like minds in recent decades. Before them, many Europeans were really into this stuff, and it supposedly goes back to the ancient Spartans, who would breed their strongest warriors and kill off any babies who seemed weak.

But it really goes back much further than that. In fact, the traditional idea that humans only recently learned about how to selective mate plants or animals is all wrong. In fact, we’ve known this stuff for as long as we’ve known about sex!

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